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Green Pea Microgreens Seeds


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Our seeds are all new seeds of the year, the germination rate is very high. In addition to selling seeds, we also sell fresh microgreens, so we ensure that we sell only high-quality seeds.

*** Green peas are very sensitive to water, too much water may cause the peas to rot. Please tilt the tray at about 45 degrees for about 1 minute after each spray during germination to drain the water out of the tray. When the roots are fully established, stop spraying the seeds and simply pour the water into the bottom tray. For beginners, we recommend choosing other peas, such as speckled peas or dun peas, which are more suitable for beginners.

Growing suggestions:

Soaking seeds: 8 hours

Portion per seedling tray: 100 g

Blackout: 4 days

Harvest: 7-9 days

Pea microgreens contain lot of vitamin B’s: B3(niacin), B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B-6 (pyridoxine) and B9 (folate). They also have double the concentration of iron, phosphorus and magnesium compared to broccoli. It promising seven times the vitamin C of blueberries and eight times the folic acid of bean sprouts

Pea microgreens are high in antioxidants and carotene. It is alike garlic, helps our body to fight against free radical damages which may induce cancer related diseases. Pea microgreens naturally helps diabetic patients to keep a close watch to their blood sugar level. It helps to lower the sugar level in blood and reduce the chances of contracting diabetes for obese consumers.

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