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Peanut Sprouts Planting Starter Kit


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Peanut sprout is a food with both diet and therapy. It contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals as well as various amino acids and trace elements required by the human body. It is known as "longevity sprouts".

The resveratrol content of peanut sprouts is 5 times higher than that of peanuts, which is comparable to the resveratrol content of wine. Resveratrol has the effects of inhibiting cancer cells, lowering blood lipids, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases, delaying aging, etc., and has extremely high health value.

Peanut Sprouts Planting Starter Kit: 1 Blackout cover 1 Peanut grid 1 Microgreens grid 1 Bottom tray Option 1: No seeds, just peanut planting box Option 2: 1 Peanut Planting Box 1 packet peanut seeds (100 grams) 1 packet radish seeds (50 grams) Option 3: 1 Peanut Planting Box 2 packets peanut seeds (100 grams each)

Peanut Sprouts Plater Box Specs:

Size: 18cm Wx 18cm L x 16cm H

Weight: 320 grams

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